Serving at Citylight

Production Teams

These teams are focused on the Sunday morning worship service.  The band leads us in worship through song, the audio team makes it sound great and the media team walks us through it all by handling everything that gets projected. All of these teams help foster an environment for worship. Get in touch to learn more about our production teams.

Behind-the-Scenes Teams

These teams are focused on all the little details necessary for our Sunday services. The setup/teardown team gets the sanctuary ready for worship while the driving team offers carpools from local universities, and the parking team (Manayaunk only) helps visitors find spots. Our logistics team members oversee it all, helping ensure Sunday morning services run as smooth as possible. Sound interesting? Let us know!

Sunday Experience Teams

Everything these teams do is meant to help minimize distractions so we may worship well during Sunday services.  Our welcoming and refreshments teams ensure our guests are greeted with a smile and a hot cup of coffee.  Meanwhile our kids team volunteers watch after and help disciple the kids of Citylight Church.  The handiwork of our communications team are seen throughout the building and service, from signage to our baptism videos. Let us know if you’d like to learn more.