About Citylight

We exist to make disciples of Jesus to the glory of God.

Citylight is rooted in the Gospel, the good news, of Jesus Christ.

When the Gospel captures someone’s heart, the inevitable result is that they follow Jesus as his disciple.

What is a disciple?

A disciple is someone whose identity has been transformed by the gospel of Jesus unto a life of gospel-empowered worship, community, and mission.




We worship what we love most. When the gospel of Jesus captures our hearts, our response is expressing ultimate love for God with our words and deeds (worship). On Sunday morning we worship through prayer, singing, hearing the Word and responding in trust and obedience. In our citygroups we worship through the study of Scripture, prayer and service. All that we do is designed to form in us a lifestyle of worship.




When God saves us, He bring us into a relationship not only with Himself, but with one another. In fact, the Bible describes us as brothers and sisters thanks to Jesus’ work on the cross. Therefore we want everything we do to cultivate and express love for one another.




The new love God gives us doesn’t end with Him and one another. He also wants us to extend that love outside of ourselves, just as He extended His love to us. Therefore we exist to love the city around us, and the world beyond it. We seek to do this through loving service and clear gospel proclamation.

We Gather on Sundays

We gather on Sunday mornings as one church across two congregations.

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We Gather in Citygroups

Being the church means more than just meeting on Sunday mornings. We also gather in smaller groups throughout the week to grow in love for God, one another, and our neighbors

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Citylight Church is a part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance denomination of churches and the Acts29 Church Planting Network.