Reorient What You Call Gain

Dear downhearted, In writing to you about discontentment, I am writing about a familiar foe of my own, and it usually shows itself in the form of envy or covetousness. I see good things someone else has, especially if they have more of it than I, and my heart sinks. However discontentment shows itself in …

Posted on 12/29/2020


The Path to Contentment

Dear downhearted, Discontentment is a problem that is as old as the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were discontent; they ached over the forbidden fruit that she didn’t have and were willing to be done with God in order to have it.  What is contentment? In The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment, 17th century …

Posted on 12/22/2020


Contentment is Not Out of Reach

Dear Downhearted, Contentment is not out of reach because Christ is not out of reach. If you are anything like me, contentment is a state of being that always seems to be a few inches out of your grasp. Contentment for me feels like it lies right on the other side of my next career …

Posted on 12/19/2020


God is Near

Dear Downhearted, I’m sorry that you’re experiencing discontentment in this season. I’m sorry as well for the potentially accompanying disappointments, unmet hopes, or even grief. I’d like to encourage you today with some truth from Psalm 73:21-26.  Psalm 73 describes one of Asaph’s bouts with discontentment. The psalmist had become envious of the evildoers around …

Posted on 12/15/2020


A Cure for Discontentment

Dear downhearted, A lot of us are feeling discontent this year. As I think about it, the feeling of discontentment, as common as it is to our human experience, is actually intimately connected to who we are as people created in the image of God. The reason we are discontent, at bottom, is because we …

Posted on 12/08/2020