Welcome to our facility update page, where we can keep our members and attendees up to date with the progress on our facility at 4050 Main Street. 

In early March, we were thrilled to see the Norwood Company, our trusted contractor, mobilize at our site and kick off construction. We are still in the early phases of the project, and much of March and April dedicated to crucial planning, assessments, and some necessary demolition work. The contractors are currently working on the “bones” of the building by reinforcing the core structure, or “shoring,” to continue to prepare for more construction ahead. This process of strengthening and developing the core structure while also demoing out certain parts of the building will continue for the rest of May.

As construction progresses, we’ve also begun envisioning the layout and design of each room within our new home. From furniture choices to signage placement, every detail matters, and we’re grateful for the valuable input from our church members in shaping these decisions. in addition to our pastors, we’ve enlisted teams of experts from within Citylight to help us make these crucial decisions.

We are still on track to finish the project in December. However, many things can happen between now and then that could delay the timeline. Which is why we still need your prayers! One of our bold prayers for this year is that Citylight will have a worship gathering inside our new home by Christmas. Here are some specific prayer points:

  • Pray for the safety of all our contractors and vendors working on this project. 
  • Pray that the supply chains of the materials needed for this project are not hindered.
  • Pray for discernment and guidance for our pastors, staff, and project managers as they navigate decisions.
  • Pray that there are no delays to our timeline so that we can worship in our new home by Christmas.