Manayunk Congregation

4101 Freeland Ave, Philadelphia, PA

Center City Congregation

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Easter 2019

Manayunk Sermons

Have you been made alive? Our big idea this Easter Sunday is to come alive to God by being made alive, by considering yourself alive, and by fighting for your life.


Romans 6:1-14
Ray Ortlund, Alive to God: Genesis 1, preached at Immanuel Church in Nashville on January 14, 2018.

Our big idea from Luke 22:37: Jesus was numbered with transgressors. He was numbered with transgressors in his birth, in his life, and in his death.


Luke 22:37

Center City Sermons

Christ identified with us, and now we see that it was so we might be identified with Him in His death and resurrection, that we might die and walk in newness of life.


Romans 6:1-14

Romans (Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament), Thomas Schreiner