Manayunk Congregation

4101 Freeland Ave, Philadelphia, PA

Center City Congregation

1336 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia, PA

Easter Week - 2015

Fear has separated us from God. Our fear will keep us distrusting Him into eternity. Fear is no mere benign reality. Fear not is the most common command in the OT. Therefore, it’s no surprise to us that Jesus’ first words to his disciples are: peace be with you (John 20:19). Only Jesus can extend true peace. Only Jesus can assuage our stress concerning the future because only Jesus can reverse the curse. Apart from Christ, stress about the future is perfectly legitimate because deep down we know we are alone as we face it. However, the resurrection means peace. Jesus died to remove all that can truly hurt us. Jesus’s resurrection raises us to new life with God as our Father. The one who owns the future is our beloved Father. Peace is truly with us!

Manayunk Sermons

Where will peace be found? It's a question that nags us all. It's a question only the resurrected Jesus can answer


John 20:19-21

Running Scared by Ed Welch

Jesus cry of dereliction shows that Good Friday is about being God Forsaken. But that's not the whole story...


Mark 15:1-39

Psalm 22

Only by accepting Jesus as our Savior can we truly make him our King


Matthew 21: 1-11

Center City Sermons