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In The Book of Exodus, God rescues his people from death and slavery and leads them toward a promised land. God raises up Moses as the great prophet and ambassador of freedom. Through his triumphs and failures, Moses points us beyond himself to Jesus, the true ambassador, savior and prophet greater than Moses.

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Exodus culminates and concludes with the construction of a tent that is far more than a tent.


Exodus 40

Exodus: Saved for God’s Glory by Philip Ryken

Exodus (NAC) by Douglas Stuart

God saves his fearful, doubting people by parting the Red Sea and he defeats the Egyptians by causing the Sea to fall back on them. He does this all to show his power over Pharaoh and his forces, and the people of Israel praise Him in response. This salvation story points forward to the greater salvation story where God rescues His people from their sins through the cross, and they praise Him for eternity. 



Exodus: 14-15 ESV Study Bible (Exodus Notes & History of Salvation)

God institutes the Passover as a feast to remember his holiness and mercy. The problem with the Passover is that it needs to be repeated. Jesus is the true and greater Passover Lamb who is the final sacrifice for our sins. Through Jesus we have a new and greater Passover Meal.


Exodus 12:1-28

Jesus the King by Tim Keller

ESV Study Bible (Exodus Notes & History of Salvation)

In Exodus 3-4 we see God call a most unlikely man to rescue his people. God's calling is great, but his presence is greater.


Exodus 3-4

Exodus in NAC by Doug Stewart

ESV Study Bible

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