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Food & Drink - All to the Glory of God

Food and drink are basic to life. Most of us eat three meals a day. Without food and water, our bodies cannot survive. Yet for being such a large part of our lives, we don’t talk much about eating and drinking to the glory of God. Food features prominently throughout Scripture. One of the first things God does in creation is give the man and the woman food. The first fall of humanity has food (the fruit of the tree) as its medium. Esau sells his birthright for a meal. The Israelites grumble in the wilderness over food. God shows his care for them through food. Feasts and fasting make up key rhythms in the life of God’s people. The Son of Man comes eating and drinking, Jesus presents himself as the bread of life, and calls us to eat his flesh and drink his blood. The Bible itself ends with a feast: the marriage supper of the lamb. Indeed, God calls us: “So whatever you do, whether you eat or drink, do all things to the glory of God.” – 1 Cor 10:31

Manayunk Sermons

We can display the truth of the gospel by the way we share our meals.


Galatians 2:9-14

A Meal with Jesus by Tim Chester

WBC Galatians by Longenecker

Galatians by Schreiner

Food is a good gift from God, but what happens when we elevate it to a god-like status such that it starts to control us? In this passage we see that God actually calls us to love something more than we love food: our birthright.


Genesis 25:29-34

A Meal with Jesus – Tim Chester

Eating Disorders: the Quest for Thinness

I’m Exhausted: What to Do When You’re Always Tired

One false view of food calls certain foods inherently bad. In response, God declares all foods good because he made them for the very purpose that we enjoy them by giving thanks to him as the one who gave it to us


1 Timothy 4:1-4

A Meal with Jesus – Tim Chester

Creation Regained – Al Wolters

Center City Sermons