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Psalms - Instructions for Happiness

The Psalms are given as instruction. Originally, many of the Psalms were written as words of personal praise and prayer. However, when canonized, they become God’s instruction to us concerning prayer and praise. Just what are the Psalms instructing? Instruction in happiness is a focal point. Happiness as the well being & joy that results from life, endurance, and fruitfulness in the Lord (Ps. 1). The Psalms are instruction in happiness.

Manayunk Sermons

God reveals himself through creation to everyone, but we suppress it.


Institutes of the Christian Religion” by John Calvin

General Revelation” by G.C. Berkouwer

An Introduction to Systematic Theology” by Cornelius Van Til

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The Revelation of God” by K. Scott Oliphint
Natural Revelation” by K. Scott Oliphint

Psalm 38 provides us an outline for true repentance.


Psalm 38 (ESV)


Overcoming worry with worship


Psalm 27 (ESV)

Interpreting the Psalms

Wisdom for Contentment from Psalm 23


Psalm 23

Interpreting the Psalms

The Secret of Contentment (blog post) – William Barclay

Enjoying God in the normal grind of life.


Psalm 16

How do we walk with God in seasons of trouble?


Psalm 42

How do we interact with God when all is well and ordered in our world?


Psalm 103

Putting God's instruction into practice in major areas of life.


Psalm 1

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